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You are the local town’s lone hero. Beset with the task of keeping the citizens safe by patrolling the corrupted roads (path tiles) in the surrounding area. As you kill monsters they will drop loot which consists of equipment or tiles. This loot will appear in your inventory. Your inventory holds up to five items. Newer items will replace the oldest unused items in your inventory.



Selecting equipment from your inventory will display that item’s stats. If you already have an item equipped in that slot it will display it’s stats as well so you can compare and decide if you want to replace it with the new selected item.



There are two types of tiles; Path Tiles and Ethereal Tiles.

Path Tiles can be placed on any unoccupied path/road tile. These tiles can spawn creatures and/or offer healing to the hero. You do not have to place a tile as most spawned monsters will present some type of challenge to the hero but defeating these monsters will usually reward the hero with better loot.


Note on Life Gain:

Your Life Gain amount represents the percentage of normal damage (not magical or aoe) returned as a healing effect. For example, if your Life Gain is 10 % and you deal 20 normal damage you will heal for 2 hit points. The minimum heal amount is 1. Life Gain is a capped at 50%.

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