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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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v1.213 (Beta)

+ 4 new perks!

+ Kickstarter Credits

- Life Gain now works as designed

+ Unique background if selected weapon loot is off-hand

+ New cultist attack sound

v1.212 (Android Beta)

+ new combat damage font

- fixed iOS Reward Ad bug


- Fixed bug preventing mobs from leveling up after loop 15 

- Fixed bug leading to negative Life Gain after hitting cap


+ Added link to Gameplay Basics



-Life Gain is now capped at 50%. 15% of any additional Life Gain is converted to Max HP.

-Avoidance is now capped at 75%. 10% of any additional Avoidance is converted to Defense.

+Cultists have been spotted. What could be attracting them?

+Troll's have been too generous with their legendaries. Added uncommon to their loot table.



+New Larger Map is here!  


+Endless Loop mode

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